Week beginning - 17th October 2022

Fairy Tales - Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the Three Little Pigs


This week we have been focusing on two well known fairy tales, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the Three Little Pigs.


In the home corner, we had three sized bowls, chairs and bears!  We explored the concept of size by colouring the biggest and smallest bowl of porridge.  We also had delicious porridge like Goldilocks for snack one day.  Using different sized teddies we also introduced the children to positional language by placing them in front of, behind, under, next to.


In our Tuff Tray we had straw, three pigs and the big bad wolf for the children to build houses for the pigs!  

Week beginning - 10th October 2022

A Rainbow of Friends by K P Hallinan


To reinforce the concept of colours and feelings, we have been reading 'A Rainbow of Friends' which celebrates how we are all unique.  Red Emily measured the children and staff to see who was the tallest and who was the shortest to show them visibly how we are all different but special.


The children were also given the opportunity at snack time to eat a healthy rainbow by making a choice from two  different healthy fruit or vegetables to represent some of the rainbow colours.


The children also sorted some coloured objects, matching them to the same colour splodge.  We extended this activity by adding numbers to the splodges to encourage the children to understand numbers have a meaning. They then had to  collect the same number of coloured objects to match the numbered splat!



Arlo chose a piece of red apple, orange carrot, yellow banana, green pear, and a purple grape to make his healthy 'Rainbow'.


Evan found the right number of coloured objects to match the number on the splodges.  Fantastic!

Week beginning - 3rd October 2022

The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas


This week our focus has been based on feelings and emotions.  To support this topic the children have listened everyday to the Colour Monster Story.  In the book, different colours repressent feelings the Colour Monster experiences such as yellow is happiness, blue when he is sad and red when he feels angry.  Sometimes the Colour Monster is a mixture of all colours!


To support children to understand their emotions, we looked a pictures of happy, sad and angry faces.  They then made these faces and looked at their reflections in a mirror!  The children also used blue and yellow playdough to make happy and sad faces!

Emily made a fantastic smiley face with yellow playdough!  

Willow used the primary colours and folded the paper to colour the 'Mixed-up' monster.  Well done Willow you look really happy!

Week beginning - 26th September 2022



This week the children having been exploring Colours and  have been learning what happens when they mix the primary colours of red, yellow and blue together to make the secondary colours of green, orange and purple.


Mandy brought in some foilage from the hedgerows for the children to see how  leaves change colour in the 'Autumn' to brown and orange. Then using brown paint on their fingers and hands they made hedgehogs with prickly spikes for our Autumn Displayboard.

Week beginning - 19th September 2022

Messy Week:


This week our focus has been based on being messy and looking at different colours.  The children explored yellow and blue frozen ice as it melted in a tray with plain rice to discover that it made green.  


We also filled our 'Tuff Tray' with shaving foam to explore the texture and get messy in the garden.  It certainly smelt nice on our hands!

Evan exploring the smell and texture of shaving foam!





Messy Week is one of our favourites at Pre-school and is particularly enjoyed by the children and staff alike.



We also made the most of the last few days of fine weather to learn in our outside environment !



Tabby using chalk to mark-make on the trees in the garden!

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